Innovative Risk Management

Leverage the unique features of decentralized networks to provide new and innovative ways to mitigate the risk of investing in volatile crypto markets.

Make Crypto
Work For You

Put your wealth to work in the actual protocols that describe, secure and distribute digital value in the modern world.

Invest In Public Infrastructure

Get direct access to a new world of value and earn guaranteed returns while securing and promoting public digital infrastructure.

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Asset managers struggle to find new and secure markets in which to invest. Private wealth is often limited to investments in traditional corporate infrastructure, which results in closed loops of value transfer that do not benefit our wider society.

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By providing a new asset class that is invested in a manner that secures public digital goods, we can provide stable returns and hedge against volatility risks. This allows private wealth to be deployed in a way which both mitigates risk and benefits more than just your shareholders.

The Ecosystem


  • Seek legal council
    Form a company
    Discuss tangible outcomes with APG
  • Refine investment strategy
    Start with financial certification
    Find partners for:
        - Hedging
        - Crypto supply
        - Data centres
        - Key management
  • Start development on StakeSolution
    Start development on reporting system with API
    Form strategic marketing plan
  • Launch StakeFund
    Launch StakeSolution
  • On-chain hedge fund
    Distributed Staking
    Early withdrawal of investment